Oh no! Did you lose a lens? Scratch it up? Don't lose your marbles too - we've got you covered with a replacement warranty of 12 months.

So if you have purchased one of our Roshambo sunglasses in the last 12 months from your receipt date, you are entitled to one free replacement lens pair (both left and right) per year. Please contact us with attached receipt and we will send you a code to obtain your free lens.  


Some families may wish to swap their current coloured mirrored lenses and can do so by ordering another coloured mirrored lens or choose our standard polarised lens. Unfortunately, this pair would not be considered as a replacement warranty. 

All lenses are polarised and has the highest standard in UV protection.


Easily double check the size of your shades before ordering replacement lenses!


You'll see our brand name imprinted on the temple, with a unique name for each size:

  • Baby size (ages 0-2 yrs): "Roshambo Baby"

  • Toddler size (ages 2-4 yrs): "Roshambo Jr"

  • Junior size (ages 4+): "Roshambo Junior"

Replacement Frames - Colour Mirrored