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Our Story

Specialising in Baby & Kids' gifts, award-winning items, carefully handpicked by mums and dads within the community. 

Vicky's Oh, Baby was founded in 2018 when I was not able to return back to my full-time job, when I was finding it difficult finding unique presents for expectant friends and their kids; also when I was not able to find a high quality product for my little one, until a friend bought me some of these items that my son just loves. 
We have since expanded rapidly with increasing followers and support. 

All products have been carefully handpicked and selected in our range, but also recommended by many mums and dads, and, most importantly, loved by the little ones.

I love the experience and I get to meet similar mums and dads in business with the same stories and in the same boat as me.
I also get to inform mums and dads about these amazing items for our life's little people, 
and creating awareness in the community.

We have had a lot of support and we thank so many for helping us grow, and we hope to continue growing our brand.

No regrets thus far! Thank you everyone for supporting small businesses, the mums & dads in them; 
the kind words and feedback (it means a lot!). 

x Vicky
(mum, consultant & owner of Vicky's Oh, Baby!)     

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