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Finally...a sun hat that won't flop in their eyes! Tired of finding tiny brims offering little coverage - the Bedhead Bucket Hat was created.

Our bucket hat gives great coverage over the face and shoulders. Perfect for use in preschools and daycare centres as brim depth exceeds requirements by SunSmart guidelines and hats are rated UPF50+. The reason so many young children learn to hate hats - is because they flop in front of their eyes! It's really no wonder they rip them off. We have created a unique 'anti-flop' brim that will stay upright even after many machine washes. We believe kids should focus on fun...not floppy brims!


The baby hat that actually fits a baby! Our baby bucket sun hat is rated UPF 50+ - The highest in sun hat protection for baby girls and baby boys! 

So many parents shared my frustration in not being able to find a baby hat that really fit a small baby. The hats that most brands say fit a newborn – just don’t! Until now... The Bedhead Baby Bucket hat sizing starts at an ‘oh-so-tiny’ 37cm circumference. Made from our lightweight and super-stretchy cotton elastane knit, the hat grows with baby. The brim is constructed of a flexible reinforcing that also allows for growth – without flopping over babies eyes. Folds up neatly into your baby-bag so you are always ready for sunny days out & about.


The hat kids forget they're wearing! The Bedhead Legionnaire Hat is a great starting point in sun safety for babies. It has been specially created to be worn in prams and baby carriers.

When it comes to ultimate comfort - the Bedhead Legionnaire Hat is king. So soft and comfortable over ears and the back of neck, this is the sun hat thatconverts hat-haters into hat-lovers! Lightweight and super-stretchy, parents are always astonished how their little ones don't even notice that it's on their head! When babies wear hats, headbands or beanies from a very young age, they are much more inclined to be happy-hat-wearers throughout their childhood. This hat is the start of teaching your precious one sun-safety skills for life!